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Shining Moments


Someone special came to visit us on our faculty ugly sweater day! The students loved visiting with Santa! 🎅🏼 ❄️ 🎁

Published: 12-17-19

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Our Adult ESL Class had their last class of the semester this evening. The students worked hard this semester! Thank you to Mrs. Melinda Salazar for teaching and bringing supplies for tonight’s craft activity! Also, thank you to the teachers Mrs. Bouknight, Mrs. Wilson, and Mr. Salazar for a great semester. See you all in February!

Published: 12-16-19

Our Elementary Robotics team went to a competition this past weekend at Lee Elementary in Caddo Mills. One of our teams placed 20th out of 38 teams! Way to go!

Published: 12-16-19

Gifted and Talented students’ field trip to The Greenville Herald Banner. 📰

Published: 12-13-19

'Eye of the Tiger'

Read all about it! Bland elementary students launch newspaper

Our Gifted and Talented students were featured in The Greenville Herald Banner this past week. Today they took a field trip to visit the local newspaper’s facility and meet the staff. Pictures to follow! 📰 🚌

Published: 12-13-19

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Our Kindergarteners are having a “Super” Thursday!

Published: 12-12-19

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Thank you to K.D. Photography and our very special Santa for taking time out for holiday photos last night! We’d also like to give a BIG thank you to Bland ISD PTO for organizing the event. We hope everyone had a wonderful time! ❄️🎄 🎅🏼 🍕

Published: 12-11-19

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We had a wonderful time last night at the 2nd and 3rd grade Christmas Program! Thank you to Mr. Herod for preparing students for their performance! Great job!!!🎅🏼🎼

Published: 12-11-19

PTO kicked off their Annual Pizza and Pictures with Santa event this evening! If you haven’t made it you still have 20 minutes before the 2nd and 3rd grade program begins at 6:30pm! 🍕 🎅🏼

Published: 12-10-19

Pre-K enjoyed listening to, “The Biggest Snowman Ever”, read by Mrs. Rosaura Trevino, our ESL Paraprofessional. Students colored a snowman and had a candy cane treat. ⛄️⛄️⛄️

Published: 12-9-19

Students from the high school yearbook staff came to read, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” to our Pre-K students this week! Students got to make a green grinch ornament for their classroom trees. Thank you, Vanessa Ivy, Lizbeth Ortiz, Nelson Garcia, and Blake Miles! ❤️🎄

Published: 12-4-19

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Mrs. Singleton’s 2nd grade students took a brain break today to play ring toss, “Antler Edition”! 🦌 😝

Published: 12-2-19

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2nd grader Charli Jackson earned points and chose to read to Mrs. Rodgers’ Kindergarteners Friday morning. Way to go, Charli!!!

Published: 11-22-19

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4th grade Principals lunch! Way to go! 😋

Published: 11-21-19


Published: 11-20-19

1st grade had their Annual Thanksgiving program this morning. There’s a Super a turkey among them! 🦃

Published: 11-20-19

Our Elementary Robotics students meet each Tuesday and Thursday to prepare for their upcoming meet in December. They practiced driving and making modifications Tuesday afternoon.

Published 11-20-19

Mr. Russell Thomas came Monday to read to Mrs. Estrada’s Pre-K class. Students enjoyed listening to, “Try a Little Kindness” and colored a picture about kindness. Thank you, Mr. Thomas! 📚

Published: 11-19-19

Some of our 4th grade students played “Ring Around the Rosie” with Pre-K at recess today! 💜

Published: 11-19-19

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Mrs. White helping some Kindergarten students during computer class. 👩🏻‍💻 👨🏻‍💻

Published: 11-19-19

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Thank you to our PTO volunteers for running the Spirit Store during lunch for our students!

Published: 11-15-19

Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students took a trip to the Greenville Municipal Auditorium to enjoy the Dallas Symphony Orchestra! We hope they have a great time! 🎼

Published: 11-15-19

4th grade students earn Tiger Bucks for good behavior each nine weeks. Tiger Bucks can be used to redeem rewards such as shoes off for a day or computer time for example.

Several students chose to cash their Tiger Bucks in to read with a buddy. Our 2nd graders loved hearing stories from their 4th grade buddies! We love when our students find it rewarding to help others! 💙 📚

Published: 11-15-19

Mrs. Singleton’s 2nd grade class got some good luck sprinkles from Mrs. Owen today for their spelling test! Good luck, students!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Published: 11-15-19

Students that sold 15 items or more for our elementary fundraiser enjoyed a field trip to Shenaniganz to bowl, play laser tag, play in the arcade and eat pizza! 🎳 🍕

Published: 11-12-19

Pre-K visited Greenville Fire Station #3 on Friday. Students toured the fire station, learned about the ladder truck and what the purpose of the ladder is. Firefighters taught students about all the different tools, why they have them, and their purpose. They put on the full firefighter gear to show students that they aren’t scary, but are there to help. They talked about not running away from or hiding from firefighters, and the importance of having a meeting space with their family. Thank you, Greenville Fire Station #3 for allowing our little cubs to come visit and teaching them such valuable lessons! 👨🏻‍🚒 👩🏼‍🚒 🚒

Published: 11-11-19

Pre-k enjoyed, “If You Give a Moose a Muffin”, read by Toni Hernandez and they ate a yummy treat! Thank you, Mrs. Hernandez! 📖

Published: 11-11-19

Mrs. Wilson’s 1st grade class did a readers theater of “The Little Red Hen” this week. What could they be cooking up?

We’ll see this afternoon! 👩🏻‍🍳 👨🏻‍🍳 First grade made some yummy bread and butter today!!! 🍞 

Published: 11-8-19

Mrs. Morgan’s 5th grade class learned and sang the words to the preamble this morning! Way to go!

Published: 11-7-19

Pre-K read “The Thanksgiving Bowl” this week with Tammy Leathers and made a fun turkey craft! Gobble gobble! 🦃 🍁

Published: 11-7-19

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Be the “I” in kind! 😎 👍🏼⭐️

Published: 11-6-19

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Our amazing Kindergarten teachers surprised some of their students at their baseball game this evening! ⚾️ 💜💛

Published: 11-4-19

The winners for the Drug Free poster contest are...

Pre-K - Adelynn
Kindergarten - Jesse
1st grade - Alonso
2nd grade - Adler and Landon
3rd grade - Noah and Belen
4th grade - Bella and Ethan
5th grade - Kyton, Zane (not pictured), and Aryan

Published 11-1-19

Our Kiss the Pig winner this year was Mrs. Pendergrass, with Mrs. O coming in a very close second! We’d like to thank all those that donated to Bland PTO, as well as Throwaway Ponies for the use of Mr. Waffles! 💋 🐖

Published: 10-31-19

Pictures from the costume parade this morning! 👻 🎃

Published 10-31-19

3rd graders were challenged to come up with their own times 6 song to help them memorize their multiples of 6! We may have some future mathematicians on our hands!

Published: 10-31-19

Pre-K read “The Wonkey Donkey” with Mr. Hammack, our Middle School Principal, this morning and students made a donkey craft! 📖

Published: 10-30-19

3rd through 5th grade awards assembly! Great job, Tigers!

Published: 10-29-19

We had an amazing Kindergarten through 2nd grade awards assembly! So many awards!!!

Published: 10-29-19

Pre-K enjoyed listening to “How I Met My Monster” read by Mrs. Janis Hodo this morning. They made some silly monsters! 📖

Published: 10-28-19

Mrs. Rodgers' Kindergarten class did experiments with pumpkins today. They predicted whether they would sink or swim, and estimated how many seeds were in their pumpkins! 🎃 👩🏻‍🔬 👨🏽‍🔬

Published: 10-25-19

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Kindergarten had their popcorn party today for knowing all 27 of their popcorn “sight” words! Way to go, Kinder! 🍿🎥

Published: 10-25-19

No photo description available.

How do you see the number 53? Math art by Payton Corn. 🖼 #mathart

Published: 10-25-19

5th Grade AR Party! 🎉

Published: 10-25-19

Bland Tigers are Drug Free!!! #blandpride #drugfree

Published 10-25-19

We saved the day from drugs! #blandpride #drugfree

Published: 10-24-19

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2nd grade students had their Principal’s Lunch with Mrs. Owen today! These students were nominated by their classroom teachers. Way to go! Thank you to Sonic in Greenville for donating lunches! 😋

Published: 10-24-19

A few pictures from our future careers day!

Published: 10-23-19

Mrs. Pendergrass’ 3rd graders used cookies to show division as sharing today! Mmm 🍪

Published: 10-23-19

We’re teaming up against drugs! #blandpride #drugfree

Published: 10-22-19

4th grade explored kinetic and potential energy!

Published 10-21-19

Mrs. Jenkins 4th grade class practiced modeling division with remainders today!

Published: 10-21-19

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5th grade students had their Principal’s Lunch with Mrs. Owen today! These students were nominated by their classroom teachers. Way to go! Thank you to Sonic in Greenville for donating lunches! 😋

Published: 10-18-19

Mrs. Wilson’s 1st Grade class painted while learning about imagery this morning! 🌈 🌊 🌅

Published: 10-18-19

Collin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jarrod Jeffcoat came to speak to Pre-K today for their Community Helper week! They learned about stranger danger, looked at officer tools, and got some junior deputy stickers, pencils, and coloring books. Thank you for visiting our littlest tiger cubs, Deputy Jeffcoat! 👮🏻 ⭐️ 🚔

Published: 10-17-19

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Kindergarten left this morning for their field trip to Kadee Farm to see the pumpkin patch! We can’t wait to see and hear about their adventure!

Published: 10-9-19

It’s Wednesday, and that means Pre-K Storytime! Dana Flowers shared, “The Cow Loves Cookies” today and students made a fun cow craft! Moo-licious! 🐄 ❤️ 🍪

Published: 10-9-19

Pre-K visited the Blase Family Farm Pumpkin Patch on Monday! They enjoyed hearing, “Spookley the Square Pumpkin” on the story trail, feeding and petting some farm animals, trying to find their way out of the hay maze, and hayride through the farm!

Published: 10-9-19

The Merit Volunteer Fire Department came to speak with Kindergarten and First Grade students about Fire Safety this morning!

Students learned about fire alarms, what to do during a fire, designating a meeting place, stop, drop, and roll, and seeing and hearing what a fireman would look like during a fire. Students also enjoyed exploring the rigs and safety equipment used!

Thank you, Merit VFD for helping teach our Tiger Cubs about fire safety and prevention! 🚒 👨🏻‍🚒👩🏼‍🚒🧯

Published: 10-7-19

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Happy Custodian’s Appreciation Day! Thank you to Alesha, Radny, Ken, and Sharkey for all you do for our students, staff, and school! 💙💛💙💛💙

Published: 10-2-19

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Miss Warren’s 3rd graders played Area Wars today!

Published: 10-1-19

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Some of our students had a special lunch with Mrs. Owen today! They were nominated by their classroom teachers for outstanding character! #BlandPride

Published: 9-27-19

Mrs. Soto’s 5th graders have been busy building circuits, and working with mixtures and solutions! 👩🏻‍🔬👨🏻‍🔬💡🔋

Published: 9-25-19


Pre-K read, “The Popcorn Book” this morning with Mrs. Owen and enjoyed a yummy snack while creating their popcorn headbands! 🍿 😋

Published: 9-25-19

Janis Hodo shared, “There’s A Spider In This Book” with Mrs. Estrada’s and Mrs. Lormand’s Pre-K classes during storytime this morning! They all made a spider afterward. EEEK! 🕷 Thank you, Mrs. Hodo, for reading with our littlest tiger cubs!

Published: 9-23-19

Pre-K enjoyed, “The Golden Acorn” read by Tammy Leathers this morning! They loved visiting with her squirrel friend and learning about teamwork! 🐿

Published: 9-18-19

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Adult ESL students met Monday afternoon with Mrs. Bouknight and Mrs. Wilson to work on English language skills and later were joined by Mr. Salazar leading the language technology portion.

Bland High School and Middle School Beta Club students volunteered their time to watch children while parents were learning.

If you know anyone in the community interested in attending Adult English as a Second Language classes, please contact Mrs. Bouknight (inglés), Mr. Salazar (español), or Mrs. Wilson (español) at the elementary school for more information.

Published: 9-17-19

Ahoy, Matey’s! 🏴‍☠️ Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Wilson’s First grade classes partook in a Treasure Hunt last week! They previously learned about equal shares, and got to apply this when distributing their pirate booty! 💎💰

Published: 9-16-19

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GT kicked off their first meeting this year with Mrs. McQueen and Mrs. McCoy to discuss the first edition of the new elementary newspaper, “The Eye of the Tiger”. Be on the look out! 📰

Published: 9-13-19

students posing

students eating cookies

Ms. Orme’s Kindergarten class earned all of their compliment marbles for their jar, so they enjoyed super star sugar cookies at their first marble party!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Published: 9-10-19

Nicole McLemore came to read, “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons” to Mrs. Estrada’s Pre-K class this morning! He just keeps on singing his song—after all, what could be groovier than three groovy buttons? They also participated in a fun art activity! 💛💙💚❤️

Published: 9-9-19

Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories, and love. We enjoyed having our special guests come to make memories with us today! 💙

Published: 9-6-19

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Pre-K enjoyed their first storytime today with some of our very own Bland High School baseball players! 📚 Thanks, guys!

Published: 9-4-19

jr ffa girls

A couple of our Jr. FFA members are excited to show this weekend! Good luck girls! 🐄 🐐

Published: 8-30-19

baseball players greeting students

Thanks to our Bland High School baseball players for greeting our elementary students this morning! 💙💛💙💛

Published: 8-30-19

kids eating snow cones girl eating snow cone kids eating snow cones 

girls eating snow cones boys pointing to sign boy eating snow cone

We’re riding the flavor wave! 🌊 
We ❤️ KONA ICE! 🍧

Published: 8-29-19

student and pencil

Mrs. Jenkins’ students are wearing their pencils out in 3rd Grade English Language Arts! ✏️+📓=📝

Published: 8-29-19

teachers cupcakes

The DeLeon family brought a sweet treat to Mrs. McCann and Mrs. Striplin for braving the rain Tuesday morning to greet our students and get them out of their vehicles safely! A big thank you to the DeLeon family for recognizing our teachers! 


Published: 8-29-19